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Start with Javascript (2021)

Start with Javascript (2021), Basic JavaScript course for everyone in 2 hours.

Do you want to learn JavaScript?
Are you a beginner in web development?
Do you want to have JS basics and then learn JavaScript framework (like React, Vue, Angular…)?
Or you would like to improve your minimum skills in less than two hours?

You are on the right course!

My name is Guillaume Duhan. As a Senior Front-End Developer and Tech teacher since 10 years now, I can assure you that JavaScript is the most popular language right now in web development.

This is why I propose you to spend this next 2 hours together to learn basics JavaScript. The main idea of this course is not to enter deep in JavaScript but just to learn the basics that JS Developers are using 85% of their time. So if you want to bootstrap your JavaScript level in 2 hours, this course is absolutely for you.

What is JavaScript?

A high-level definition

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages — every time a web page does more than just sit there and display static information for you to look at — displaying timely content updates, interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, scrolling video jukeboxes, etc. — you can bet that JavaScript is probably involved. It is the third layer of the layer cake of standard web technologies, two of which (HTML and CSS) we have covered in much more detail in other parts of the Learning Area.

  • HTML is the markup language that we use to structure and give meaning to our web content, for example defining paragraphs, headings, and data tables, or embedding images and videos in the page.
  • JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else. (Okay, not everything, but it is amazing what you can achieve with a few lines of JavaScript code.)

What are we going to learn in this course?

In my opinion, JavaScript is a major programming language in tech ecosystem. If you want to code in JavaScript, you have to answer these questions:

  • What is JavaScript?
  • How does it interact with HTML?
  • What are variables?
  • What is assignment?
  • How to create my first operations?
  • What are Array & Objects?
  • What are Booleans?
  • How to create functions?
  • What is return and how to use it?
  • Explanation of scope, what are the most commons errors?
  • Use of JavaScript native features: loops, filter, map…
  • What are promises?
  • What ES6/ES7 provides as new features of JavaScript?

We will answer these question by practicing JavaScript in our code editor and browser. I decided to list the 20 most important points to know if you are/aim to develop in JavaScript. These points are my program.

  1. At the end, you’ll have a strong understanding of basics. This will help you to go deeper into JavaScript by learning another framework (React, Vue, Angular…). So if you are ready, let’s go !



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