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Build Your Vocabulary for the TOEFL

Build Your Vocabulary for the TOEFL, Build Your Vocabulary for the TOEFL Part 1.

Your understanding of what you read and hear is, to a very large degree, determined by your vocabulary, so improve your vocabulary daily.

— Zig Ziglar

You can’t build up a vocabulary if you never meet any new words. And to meet them you must read. The more you read the better.

— Rudolf Flesch and Abraham Lass

Words are important. If you cannot say what you mean, you will never mean what you say. And you should always mean what you say.

Paraphrased from the film, The Last Emperor written by Mark Peploe & Bernardo Bertolucci

This course is intended to improve your performance in the TOEFL test by building and enriching your vocabulary. This course is the first part of a series of TOEFL Vocabulary Building courses. This course relies on TOEFL Preparation self study books which were written by professionals who help prepare learners for the TOEFL test. Their selection of words for this book was based on their extensive experience with the TOEFL test.

This free course contains: 

  • 10 video lectures
  • 10 quizzes
  • 10 PDF downloadable resources

Studying tips:

  • Keep a vocabulary log
  • Translate the words in your language if you need to
  • Listen to the lecture more than once
  • Answer the attached worksheet
  • Retake the course again if you need to



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