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Leading A Brilliant Team

Leading A Brilliant Team, A practical course that will improve your confidence as a leader & assist you in creating high performing teams.

Leading A Brilliant Team is a practical course offering knowledge, ideas, and tools to improve the performance of a team. The course shows how a team leader can develop the skills to best motivate a team. It is packed full of downloadable exercises for the learner to keep and share.

The course is designed in a coaching style, allowing you to take time away from your busy role to reflect on how you act, what you say and to examine how to get the best from your team.

Covering four core topics we share frameworks, tools, and resources to improve your performance as a team leader:

  • Understanding Your Team includes how to assess the people on your team and their potential.
  • Leading Self offers an in-depth review of your leadership approach, skills, and impact.
  • Team Performance covers how to assess a team’s development and create the .conditions to drive high performance.
  • Assess Your Team ensures you have set clear roles for your team members and you know how to motivate them effectively.

Written by a highly successful team of leadership trainers from Know and Do Ltd, this course shares practical tools and techniques to enhance a team leader’s skills and improve the performance of a team. It is structured with carefully selected exercises that encourage a leader to reflect on their own performance and that of their team, in order to set clear actions for improvement.



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