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Make Money: FREE Tradeline E-Course

Make Money: FREE Tradeline E-Course, Build side income through credit cards.

The majority of hard-working professionals in the U.S. have credit cards.

It’s convenient and most often used as a mode of payment now due to the pandemic and the increased demand for online purchases.

What if you can use your credit cards not only for rewards points or for purchasing but also to earn income?

The majority are clueless that they can have their credit card “rented out” to an authorized user (AU) or even multiple authorized users while the primary credit card owner can collect commissions in return.

Tradeline is what banks call the line of credit. Therefore your credit card is a tradeline.

This Tradeline e-Course is established by Lane Kawaoka with the following objectives in mind:

  • To extend help to working professionals who do not have much net worth (yet) to buy rental properties.
  • Teach na├»ve that credit cards can be also used to earn not only to spend

Lane’s mission is to help the hard-working middle-class build real asset portfolios by providing free investing education, podcasts, and networking plus access to investment opportunities not offered to the general public.

This course is an excellent way to build side cash and to provide a down payment in buying a turnkey rental.

In fact, Lane has made over $10,000 in 2019 from a credit card tradeline.

Imagine adding it up to your income/savings for a $20,000 down payment on your first-ever rental property!

Perhaps you can buy 2-3 rental properties a year… It’s possible!



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