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Install and Configure Recommended Pro plugins For WordPress.

WordPress is a great site-building tool but doesn’t come with all of the features you need to create a vibrant, safe, and search engine ready website. Fortunately, WordPress was created in a special way, allowing third-party programmers to create and integrate their own features in the form of WordPress plugins.

So, In this course, we are going through Manually Uploading, Install, Activating, And Setup Most Important Pro Plugins To Enhance Security, Speed, and Optimization of WordPress Website.

This course is about how to search, install and delete WordPress plugins.

My main goal is to stop wasting your money from buying unwanted expensive software till you realize, you don’t need that software you have already wasted your money on it.

This is where Ter Store comes in you will get  WordPress Plugins for cheaper than the actual price to experience.

Where else can you these pro plugins?

You can use it on the live website. they are completely safe to use on live websites.

In this course, you will get pro plugins –

  • Safe To Use.
  • You will receive Untouched and Unmodified Files.
  • 100% Clean & Free from Virus.
  • use on unlimited websites.
  • This Softwares comes under GPL ( General Public License ).

Thank you.



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