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Horizon Europe: from proposal stage to project management

Horizon Europe: from proposal stage to project management, Learn about project management models, successful proposal writting, communication, dissemination and exploitation.

EU-funded beneficiaries have created this Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on HORIZON EUROPE: FROM PROPOSAL STAGE TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT aimed at students, researchers, project managers, communication managers or any professional interested in the project management within Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme.

Horizon Europe programme enables cooperation and enhances the influence of research and innovation in developing, supporting, and implementing EU policies while addressing global challenges. It aids in the generation and wider distribution of outstanding knowledge and technologies. It focuses on generating employment opportunities, actively involves the talent pool of the EU, stimulates economic expansion, fosters industrial competitiveness, and maximizes the impact of investments within a reinforced European Research Area.

Thanks to Horizon Europe, this course within SURFBIO project has been developed. SURFBIO project has recieved funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 952379.

In this playlist you will find: – Introduction to the MOOC, given by Laura Gómez (ICCRAM-UBU). – Chapter 1: Horizon Europe Framework, by Raquel Moreno (AXIA Innovation). – Chapter 2: Project management models, by Laura Gómez (ICCRAM-UBU). – Chapter 3: Successful proposal writing, by Sonia Martel (ICCRAM-UBU). – Chapter 4: EU Project Management, by Laura Gómez (ICCRAM-UBU). – Chapter 5: Exploitation and IPR management, by Raquel Moreno (AXIA Innovation) – Chapter 6: Communication and dissemination management, by Beatriz Lapuente (ICCRAM-UBU).



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