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Effective initial interview of IT candidates

Effective initial interview of IT candidates, Friendly 50-minute course for beginner HR managers, freelance recruiters and everyone who wants to jump in the market.

The course will be useful, first of all for recruiting specialists, who are relatively new (1-3 years) on IT recruitment market or going to step in to it. Even you have 10+ years experience searching and hiring of specialists from other industries, I can ensure you that IT recruitment has own specific, because of many reasons (mostly of high demand of experienced IT specialists, high value of remote jobs and remote interviews, specific mindset and behavior of the candidates).

You will get from the course:

  • Understanding of whole process: not just interview, but pre and follow up activities
  • Possibility to do the initial interview within 30 minutes
  • Key moments you have to pay your attention on before / during / after the interview
  • Common mistakes / useful tips

I’ve tried to present my knowledge in a friendly manner, easy for understanding, without overflowing with professional terms, sharing tips and avoiding from common mistakes. Honestly, IT guys do NOT like interviews, especially – experienced specialists. Thus, if you can do the first one effectively, you will not just decrease number of next iterations and rounds, but can sell your company and position to candidates.

The course has next sections:

  • Possible previous steps
  • Scheduling the interview
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Win / win / win model
  • Intro
  • Proposing plan of the interview
  • Your key questions
  • Sharing details / selling
  • Informing about next steps
  • Answering on questions
  • Finishing the interview
  • Follow-up activities



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