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Gen AI & Business Operations

Gen AI & Business Operations, Learn to implement Gen AI tools for Business Operations.

Welcome to the Gen AI & Business Operations Course from Automation Institute!

In this beginner-friendly course, learners will gain a foundational understanding of how to utilize Gen AI for business operations. Organizations and individuals that want to utilize this groundbreaking technology to improve business process efficiency will gain a understanding of how to thrive in times of positive/negative change, create efficient prompts to help improve decision-making, combine Gen AI with automation to progress citizen development, and responsibly adopt tools to address ethical concerns.

Through this course’s new fireside-like format, you will be hearing advice from business professionals that deal with AI and Business Ops on the day-to-day basis. Below are the following speakers:

  • Cody Guymon, COO of Workato
  • Bryan Wise, CIO of 6sense
  • Hira Dangol, VP of AI/ML & Automation Platforms
  • Jay Sturgis, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant of Solomon Consulting Group
  • Josef Katz, Principal Consultant of Solomon Consulting Group
  • Matt Gomez, Principal Consultant of Solomon Consulting Group
  • Michael Fan, Sr. Manager of GTM Operations at Workato

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand different business operations use cases of Gen AI
  • Understand how to thrive in times of change with the Automation Mindset
  • Leverage Gen AI to improve business decision-making
  • Understand the benefits of combining Gen AI and Automation platforms to maximize business efficiency
  • Understand how to responsibly adopt Gen AI tools in a business
  • Categorize the three different types of AI tools with the AI Opportunity pyramid
  • See real-world application of how companies have been leveraging Gen AI in their processes



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