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Excellence in Effective Communication Skills- Live Training

Excellence in Effective Communication Skills- Live Training, Course on how to improve communication skills; IIMU & CFI Gold Standards; Practice and get personalized feedback.

Do you want to do better than most others in your career by becoming excellent in oral communication skills- the most important skills in most of the careers?

Take a look at this Udemy course only where you will

  • Build excellence in oral communication because…You will not only learn the Gold Standard in communication but also practice, get feedback and improve.
  • Gain Practical Experience by doing real life assignments
  • Preview 50% of  lectures for FREE
  • Have 30 days Money Back Guarantee

This course was the first course I developed to address the feedback from many recruiters at IIM Udaipur about the lack of structure and clarity while communicating to them in the interviews. The content for the course was drawn from my own learnings while becoming an Executive Coach. During this course you will learn the Gold Standard of Communication so developed and tested with many many students in improving their communication skills. It will teach and coach you how to communicate in a structured manner verbally and non-verbally

Look at what are students like you saying about this course

“This course dealt with the essence of communication. I like the way the instructor highlighted key points in talking about communication and how to communicate more effectively. The course has been excellent”

“Explained it clearly and I realized that there is so much that we could learn about Oral communication!”

“I am glad that I found this course that is telling me how to communicate in an excellent manner in a short and precise manner along with Practice sessions with feedback! Exactly what I needed! Practice sessions are just great. I can feel improvements happening already”

“This course helped me to know how to communicate with someone in an effective way and helped me enhance my skills.”

“Great course.”

“Nice course”

“I have just started in this course but it seems will be good”

Preview for yourself 50% of lectures for FREE. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and start communicating more effectively to do better than most others! If don’t like the content, please message me about how can we modify to meet your expectations.

Please remember that this course comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee using which you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied after doing the full course



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