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Creating a Serverless API that scales

Creating a Serverless API that scales, Using AWS CDK, AWS API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB.

Welcome to the course for creating a Serverless API that scales safely, predictably, and practically infinitely.

  • AWS is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure and managed services for software developers to use.
  • AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) is a framework, created by AWS, for defining Infrastructure as Code and deploying that infrastructure within the AWS cloud.

With AWS CDK and the instructions from this tutorial, you’ll be learning how to:

  1. Deploy a serverless AWS API Gateway with REST API endpoints
  2. Forward API calls from API Gateway to AWS Lambda, which will scale automatically on-demand
  3. Connect the Lambdas to a DynamoDB table, which is a serverless NoSQL database by AWS

Take advantage of the ease of use of AWS CDK and the superb performance of the AWS cloud, for launching new ideas easily in a safe, cost-effective, and rapid way.

One of your projects went viral and received a bunch of unexpected traffic? You don’t have to worry at all – because all of the services utilized in this tutorial scale transparently and can handle both “development grade” and “production-grade” traffic. AWS is known for its high availability and scalability.

The tutorial assumes you have some basic knowledge of programming languages and JavaScript and how the cloud works.



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