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Create Your Own Outsourced Accounting Firm

Create Your Own Outsourced Accounting Firm, Escape corporate America, travel the world, and build your own outsourced accounting firm.

This course is taught by Michael Thiem, CPA owner of an outsourced accounting company, a speaker, ultra-runner & entrepreneur who left corporate America 8 years ago to build his own business in a third world Vietnam. Michael has started his own outsource company with only $6,000 and has then founded several outsourced accounting firms since then and is currently is the founder and CEO of One Be Solved Inc., and Lions Consulting, Vietnam’s leading US Outsourced Accounting Firm. He teaches based on real life practical experience.

The end goal is to have you feeling confident and comfortable with starting your own outsourced accounting firm, working anywhere in the world and having a life of freedom.

The businesses’ primary goal is to assist clients manage their books remotely as well as help other outsourced firms grow and scale.

What will you learn?

· How to start an outsourced accounting firm?

· How to onboard a new accounting client

· How to build an agenda for client calls

· Sales and marketing tips for obtaining accounting clients

· Tips for initial funding

· How to manage the workflow for accounting clients

· How to set up an outsourced accounting firm

· What softwares to used to manage the different components of the accounting client’s operations

· How to maintain the line of communication open and smooth with clients as a remote outsourced accounting company



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