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6 Figure Hypnotherapy Business – Complete Pricing & Planning

6 Figure Hypnotherapy Business - Complete Pricing & Planning, The EXACT system.

The fastest way to grow your hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP business is with clarity. A well set out system of success.

When most of us finish our training that is when the pressure begins.

We go from …

1. I can help so many people
2. I have the knowledge to assist with real and permanent change

To …

1. Where to from here?
2. More training, more certifications and registrations?
3. Sales? I have to do sales?
4. Giving away sessions and constantly grinding for the occasional client.

So, what is the solution?

In this course you will find the solutions to the doubt and the mess of business decisions.

* I will teach you the EXACT system that my business uses to maintain 6-7 figures each year. Making the business feel secure, consistent and reliable – This exact system lead me to asking my partner to quit his job a come help me as I was so busy I couldn’t keep up.

* Together we will take your dreams and aspirations and turn it into a system of success. Giving your business a projection into the future that you can control and evolve with.

* You will discover the economics, mathematics and asymmetry required to a business that has longevity without the constant grind.

* Learn how to price your services in a simple pricing model that has students earning 6-7 figures consistently every year with ease.

Once you apply this system you will go from …

“I don’t know what to do next … why didn’t that work … I’m not cut out for this industry …”

To this …

“The next step is … This will happen again …”

Welcome to your future and the success that comes with it!

Pellen and Palmer – Specialty Hypnosis Training



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