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Applied Python: Building Projects with Python Programming

Applied Python: Building Projects with Python Programming, Learn to apply Python and build many Python Programs using powerful libraries and tools. Build More than 14 Apps.

Hello and welcome to this applied Python course “Applied Python: Building Projects with Python Programming”.

This is a powerful training program about creating real programs using the core python programming language.

This course is so effective, direct to the point, detailed, and will save your precious time.

You will learn how to use python programming language to create and build real life programs step-by-step the right way.

This course is so important and special for any intermediate Python developer or anyone who wants to learn how to apply Python in real life.

Do you want to write real programs with python programming language quickly?

If your answer is Yes, this training course is for you, and will help you a lot to become a professional python developer.

By the end of this course you’ll learn to build these programs:

  • Three Automatic Translation Programs with three Different libraries and tools.
  • Building and Managing different types of data files such as CSV files, pickle files and JSON files using Python.
  • how to work and manage PDF files using python programming language libraries.
  • Using object-oriented basics to store the details for many employees.
  • Building a real digital clock using python programming language and libraries to code that digital clock from the Ground Up.
  • Creating a game for guessing a number from random numbers depending on three levels we are going to set.
  • Creating a music loader using the PyGame library.
  • Creating a full Music and audio player using python programming language with the two libraries: PyGame and Tkinter.
  • Building a real Video player using python programming language.
  • Building a database from a CSV file .

You’ll learn all of that and more practically with Hands-On video Training. Code more than 12 Projects.

The training course lessons are easy to follow, understandable and interactive.

I am Ahmed Ibrahim, a software engineer and Instructor and I have taught more than 250,000 engineers and developers around the world in topics related to programming languages ​​and their applications.

I hope that you will join us in this applied course.

We have a lot to cover in this course.

Let’s get started!



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