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Agile Management Office – Overview

Agile Management Office - Overview.

Agile Management Office – Overview

If you have a PMO in your company and need to add value to your deliveries, value the talents of your teams, among other improvements and are involved with the PMO’s inflexible model, the Agile Management Office is a great option to consider.

We could call AMO an evolution of PMO, as it offers greater support to projects that are migrating to Agile.

With this mini-course, we tried to bring project students a new way to model their PMO, the AMO, Agile Management Office, which is being used more and more by large companies around the world.

The content of this course will focus on the evolution, differentials and first steps of the Agile Management Office.

Professionals or students interested in learning the basic steps to implement the Agile Management Office will find in this short course a macro view of the first steps and also differentials that will help you decide whether or not to implement an agile model in your project office.

You will also find in this mini-course an overview of the main project management methodologies and frameworks.

This course is an overview of a larger course: “Agile Management Office – First Steps”. This will be released soon.



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