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Vigilant Leadership

Enrich Your Leadership skills and understand what that entails.

Vigilant Leadership is an often overlooked aspect of Leadership.

Many people believe these are natural traits to people who find themselves in positions of responsibility and are just good at it.

In this course, I take some time to elaborate on what being a Vigilant Leader is and explore some of the ways to be one, with examples.

Being a Leader in any work of life is not easy, but can be enriched with Vigilance as a core skill entrenched.

Many attributes such as:

– Designing, planning, setting out the direction, objectives or goals

– Values based policies and healthy habits

– Effective Communication

– Accountability

and so on, support the delivery of the work in the best way possible, while fostering a conducive atmosphere.

Vigilant leaders see and prepare for changes, adapt and adopt ways of doing things, all not to the detriment of the people or function they are responsible for.

If you are someone who is a or works as:

– A team leader

– Group leader

– Community leader

– Supervisor

– Divisional head

– Overall head of an organisation

– Cultural head

– Political head

– Leading a cause

– Work in a charity

–  Entrepreneur

Hold a position of responsibility within society, no matter how big or small (even within our own family and friend groups), This course is for you.

The Vigilant Leader is one that will thrive in changing times, such as we have now.

The Vigilant Leader is a Leader.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you gain insights within the course that can help you be a better leader.



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