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The Complete Mind Mapping Masterclass For Success 4.0

The Complete Mind Mapping Masterclass For Success 4.0, The Ultimate Mind Mapping Masterclass For Success In Your Private Life As Well As Your Professional Life.

To start off, let me ask you a question: What are mind maps to begin with?

Starting with the brainstorming:

We all know how important it is to brainstorm. Whether you have a school project, a product launch, a job interview, a presentation, or any type of learning material you want to emphasize or present, brainstorming is the first step to take.

You want to gather as many ideas as possible, details and information. Then you want to organize them properly, and finally, draw a guideline out of them.

It is one thing to brainstorm and have numerous ideas rushing through your head. It is another thing to put those ideas on a piece of paper, and it is an absolutely different thing to mind map those ideas.

Here is another way to look at it:

Mind mapping can be also known as “clustering ideas”. It is a way of collecting and grouping certain ideas focused on a specific topic and defined by correlated connections.

Let’s explain the concepts more:

What you will be doing, is representing those ideas visually, for your personal and interpersonal presentation and understanding. The way toward making a mind map is more creative and engaging than a standard diagram or table; the visual quality licenses clients to feature and audit key focuses effectively and more rapidly than with standard arrangements of notes.

They also encourage review, on the grounds that the relationship of thoughts reflects the manner in which the cerebrum works.

Some of the main guidelines for mind maps is that you need to avoid criticism and throw in as many ideas and thoughts as possible. You also need to expand your cognitive horizon by thinking in an exaggerated creative way. This is where originality starts. Mind maps are built around a cluster of random yet specific ideas, to be later on organized through the mind mapping process.

I’ll give you a simple metaphor of mind mapping. The idea you are trying to develop is in your mind. Once you start mind mapping, an explosion happens, a Big Bang.

At first, nothing makes sense, ideas being tossed around randomly just like atoms were tossed around randomly when the Big Bang happened.

Then what? You start organizing your ideas, coordinating the correlation, making sense out of it, this is where planets started to form, galaxies were built, the universe started to work in a coherent matter.

Then you get to the end, you finished your mind map. This is the part where life started on earth. Lastly, you need to execute, this is where revolution took place. The pinnacle of the evolution of the evolution of us, human beings, and to reflect upon mind maps, it is getting to the end result of your mind map after following the execution plan.



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