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The 14 Laws of Creation/The Laws of the Universe

The 14 Laws of Creation/The Laws of the Universe, How to leverage the Laws of the Universe to Create Reality.

Get ready to create the life you’ve always desired!

This information should be taught to everyone as a way to easily navigate life. If you are like most people you probably have heard about “The Law of Attraction” and tried it out. You probably started off really excited about this “secret” but when you applied it were met with mixed results. One second it seems to be working and the next,you may be left standing there feeling dumbfounded.

There has been so much emphasis on The Law of Attraction, that the majority of people have never even heard of the 13 other laws. Without the knowledge of all 14 Laws one can easily miss the mark of their desired outcomes.

Funny enough there are six laws that are superior to The Law of Attraction.

For a second imagine trying to drive a car but only being taught how to use the gas pedal. No one showed you how to start it up, put it in gear, use the brakes or even steer it. Well you would not get pretty far.

We realized the importance of taking advantage of these laws in our own lives so we chose to put together clear explanation of the 14 laws so that you may live a life more empowered than ever.

In 15 very short videos – in just about an hour you will gain an understanding of:

  • What each law is
  • Different scenarios where the law takes effect
  • How to utilize the law to YOUR benefit
  • How you can bend or work around the law

The awareness around these laws will give increased certainty which reduces anxiety and worry.

Mastery of these laws allows for one to manifest with certainty. Get started today!



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