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Shopify eCommerce Cash Machine

Shopify eCommerce Cash Machine, Build A Successful Shopify Store And Learn How To Market It With Facebook Ads.

This course is excellent for a person who wants to learn how to open up a successful Shopify store or who has one but needs help marketing it through Facebook ads or how to source products.

I will teach you the process of how to set up a Shopify store, how to source products,  how to fulfill orders, how to provide the best customer service, how to set up profitable Facebook campaigns and how to optimize your campaign.


  • Product Research

    – Product Research

  • Branding and Domain Setup

    –  Branding and Domain Setup

  • Shopify Setup & Configuration

    – Full Shopify Store Setup

    –  Shopify Apps Setup

  • Sourcing & Importing Products

    – Sourcing and Importing Products Part 1

    – Sourcing and Importing Products Part 2

  • Facebook Ads Preparation

    – Business Manager Setup

    –  Ad Account Creation and Pixel Installation

    –  Pixel and Code Update

    –  Custom Audiences Conversions and Fan Page Setup

    – Ad Images Prep

    –  Creating Links and Page Posts

  • Facebook Ads Setup

    – Setup Page Post Engagement Campaign

    – Full Website Conversions Campaign Setup

  • Optimization and Misc

    – MailChimp Setup

    –  Budget Changes and Progress Update

    – Insights and Scaling

    – Comment Management

    – Order Fulfillment

    – Campaign Updates Day 1-5



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