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Public Relations for Startups 2023 | Dekker Fraser, MBA

Public Relations for Startups 2023 | Dekker Fraser, MBA, PR Public Relations Course for Startups.

Learn practical public relartions (PR) for startups in this new course from renowned instructor Dekker Fraser, MBA.

Key Public Relations Learnings:

  • How one company generated $1M after only 12 days in business, using a PR-focused marketing strategy
  • Dekker’s “3S Formula” for Startup PR: Soliciting, Storytelling & Scaling
  • How to tons of media attention and virality with minimal budget
  • Winning awards to drive sales
  • Creative, unconventional approaches for PR virality
  • How to leverage the advantages startups have over large companies to garner public relations attention
  • Real case studies and tutorials that demonstrate my success with public relations
  • Growth hacks such as advertising and direct mail pitches to journalists
  • Powering search engine optimization (SEO) with public relations
  • Piggybacking off bigger brands to garner media attention
  • Podcast marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Building and automating media outreach lists
  • Researching media outlets and journalists
  • Using the latest tools such as Sparktoro, Lemlist, LeadEnforce, and LinkedIn to maximize PR
  • Writing a press release
  • Leveraging stories for maximum reach
  • The types of stories and story angles to write
  • How to interview
  • Scaling your PR campaigns
  • Real examples of effective public relations for product launches, personal branding, awareness marketing & more!

Dekker was the head of marketing for a Google accelerator startup where he growth hacking using modern public relations tactics. He also worked with some of the top public relations managers in the world at companies such as Sony PlayStation. He worked at a Google Ventures backed startup in Silicon Valley and has consulted with countless startups at various stages of growth.

Dekker received his MBA from the #1 ranked business school for marketing, Philip Kotler’s Kellogg School of Management. He also studied at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and received leadership training from Columbia Business School.



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