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Origami, Japanese Paper crafts ‐ Free Beginner course

Origami, Japanese Paper crafts ‐ Free Beginner course, Origami basic course. You can learn the proper method of 10 kinds of origami in a very easy-to-understand manner.

【at first】

First of all, thank you for watching this course.

This is a free course where you can learn traditional Japanese origami in an easy-to-understand manner even for the first time.

You can learn 10 kinds of origami.

For details, see the course introduction video.Then register and actually fold it to use our course.

We created this free course because we want you to enjoy origami, which is a fun culture of Japan, with you.

At the end, there is  our course with more content,.You can learn more origami.

【Origami what you can learn】

Here are 10 types of origami you can learn in this course.

    • dog
    • jet aero – plane
    • paper airplane
    • rabbit
    • origami popgun
    • samurai helmet
    • shuriken
    • two-layer ship
    • yacht
    • crane


After completing this course, you will learn the basics of origami and will be able to challenge more advanced origami.

You can also teach your children the origami they have learned, hold origami classes, and give them as gifts.

Origami also activates the brain, so it is recommended not only for children but also for adults.

We are passionate about origami and are ready to prepare many courses. We look forward to your participation in our origami course.

I hope you enjoy this course.



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