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Master Git and Github – Beginner to Expert

Master Git and Github - Beginner to Expert, Learn git configuration, commit, branching, merging, contributing and collaboration with other's project.


  • Basic computer skills

A simple yet effective course on Git and GitHub for beginners or even students with some Git and GitHub knowledge. You will have all the real-life experience you should have when starting your journey to become a software developer.

Is this course suitable for you?

Yes, If you already know the basics of computers, you can start this course. You will need to set up git on your computer and create a GitHub account, and you are ready to go. If you are interested in learning Git and GitHub, you can start your journey with this course. This course will also help if someone wants to use Git and GitHub for web development, data software development, mobile development, etc.

What makes this course special?

In this course, I have spent a lot of time on the theoretical explanation, which will support you in understanding the practical implementations of many topics easily.

What are some of the course highlights?

There are so many exciting features covered in this one course; you will be blown away by excitement and joy. Here are some of the exciting features you will learn about Git and GitHub:

  • Git Overall Working procedures
  • Commit & checkout
  • The connection between local and remote repository
  • How to push and pull
  • gitignore and markdown languages
  • branching and merging
  • collaborate with someone
  • contribute to someone’s else project



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