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HR Leadership Program – Strategic Planning and Management

HR Leadership Program - Strategic Planning and Management, Learn about HR Strategies, Training and Development programs and HR Planning and how to generate them.

HR Leadership Program – Strategic Planning and Management course focuses on workforce planning, development and management and related issues like salary and compensation management, holiday and leave management for the employees, retirement plans, provident fund management, health plans and insurance of the employees and their family, recruitment and selection procedures for hiring quality and potential employees, retaining the employees are also looked after by the human resource management. The recruitment and selection team will look after interviewing and hiring of the candidates and their cost to the company.

Training focusses on the common HR matrices like cost per hire, revenue per employee, the cost to the company, billable hours of the employee, leave the management of the employees, working hours, employee backup management, employee engagement activities, cost of training the employees, training effectiveness, training management, employee satisfaction measurement, employee happiness, employee productivity, overtime expenses and measurement, turnover, cost of labor and various other areas. HR matrices are generally quotative and focus on the data collected from the employees. In larger or bigger organizations, the pool of data is quite large and thus the HR matrices are most common to mid-size organizations.

In this course, our focus will be on how strategic planning provides an understanding of the company, and its direction for the future. We shall explore strategic decision making at each stage of the organizational life cycle, and how various types of ratio analysis can guide those decisions. We will learn about how HR supports the organizational budgeting process, a key strategic planning activity, by providing important human capital data.

Hiring new employees is one thing and retaining the new as well as the existing employees is also pivotal. Human resource management – Retention strategies course focusses on different strategies for retaining the performing employees who are a valuable gem to the company. Retention strategies focus on methods to make the employees feel valued and engaged to keep them or retain them. Retention methods are very effective in creating a positive impact among the employees and thus helps to increase the turnover of the company.




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