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HR Leadership Program – Application of Technology in HRM

HR Leadership Program - Application of Technology in HRM, Learn how HR Leaderships deploy technology to ease the human resource management tasks in an organization.

This Talent Management Certification Training is basically about deploying technology to ease the human resource management task. HR Leadership Program – Application of technology in HRM aims at informing the HR professionals about the software and technical solutions used in human resource management. Technology eases the method of storing the organization’s details. Earlier all the data work used to be manual and the details and data were stored manually in the registers. This course describes how technology has replaced the manual methods of storing all sorts of employee details and employee performance with the digital methods using the software applications developed dedicatedly for the HR department.

Learn effective use of technology in HR that drives productivity and improves employee experience. How an HR shared services function uses technology to effectively support the rest of the organisation in lifting HR to new heights of performance. Task management solution that shared services need to manage, track and trace employee queries. How to design a knowledge base using frequently asked questions and high volume queries. This course presents the technology that best supports your employees and an HR shared services team. You will learn about employee self-service, case management, portals, knowledge management, and talent acquisition. The course also teaches technology for employees, and automation for shared services, and there is a case study that shows how all of these were successfully put into practice.




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