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Google Sheets as JSON data for Web Pages JavaScript Fetch

Google Sheets as JSON data for Web Pages JavaScript Fetch, Create a URL generator Website from scratch HTML CSS and JavaScript make custom queries to return Google Sheets Data.

Do you want to connect your Google Sheets data to your website, this course will provide the steps to create the connections. Explore how to setup a connection to your sheet data with JavaScript return your data and use it on your web page and within you web applications

Development of a website that generates links for Google Sheets.

Combination of Google Sheets send your data and using the data from your sheet in real time on your website.

Requests and query the data for results, return it on your website.

Using JavaScript Fetch to connect to the sheet Data

Create an index.html page and link to a JavaScript file. Suggested editor is Visual Studio Code and using Live Server to output the page as HTTP page in the Browser

Get Sheet data as JSON with Headings from sheets

First row of data automatically becomes headings if they contain string values. You can now loop through the first row cols and get the heading values for each one of the rows. Get your Content in CSV format and specify the format using the tax out value. csv or json

Using Query Language Select Custom Sheet Data as JSON

With Google Sheets you can make custom query requests to the Spreadsheet to return specific results. MakeSQL like queries to your spreadsheet data. Google Sheets can select the sheet and the response format like JSON or CSV. Perfect to use Google Sheets data directly on your Website.

Create a Dynamic Web Application to dynamically connect to different sheets

Exercise to make connections to your Google Spreadsheet with Dynamic value from an input field. Set the Spreadsheet ID from the input field, select the sheet you want to return data from and add a query value that gets encoded. Return the results from the interactive web input fields that are specific to that request. Make more request build your endpoint URL.

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