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Financial Statements for Beginners in 1 Hour or Less

Financial Statements for Beginners in 1 Hour or Less, The easiest and fastest way to learn about financial statements, even if you know nothing about business.

Financial statements may seem complex, but this course makes it very easy for you!

Many successful business OWNERS and MANAGERS have trouble reading financial statements.

STUDENTS in business school have trouble understanding them.

All because they are not properly taught the easy way to understand financial statements like the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow.

Earn better grades, win a new job, earn a promotion, or launch or expand your own business.

* * * * *  Jeff

“Great course for beginners or as a refresher. Instructor communicates very clearly in an easy to understand and grasp format. I highly recommend!  Worth every penny.”

Don’t fail your business or your school course!

The better you understand the fundamentals of business financial reports, the more successful you will be.

Earn better grades, win a new job, or earn a promotion.

This course explains and demonstrates all the key accounting concepts in very simple terms that are easy to understand.

You will also learn how financial statements are used in a business by watching the GoVenture Entrepreneur business simulation game in action.


  • Includes the basics of accounting in a few short videos.
  • Includes the Business Superhero Book & Glossary (200 pages) that enables you to continue your learning after the course.

This course is guaranteed to be the fastest way to learn how to read and prepare financial statements.

* * * * *  Antonio

“I am not an English native speaker and the accent, pronunciation, and vocabulary used by the teacher are clear, friendly, and easy to understand.”

If English is not your first language, this course will help you learn business English terminology and how to pronounce the words properly.

The course is taught by an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses and has created business education resources used by millions of people around the world.

Let’s get started!



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