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Digital Transformation Technologies – Work SMART

Digital Transformation Technologies - Work SMART, Work better by having the right digital mindset.

We tried in this hands-on training, to be suitable and related for every employee and any digital transformation agent, to know the know-how and harness the unique opportunity of digitalization in the new digital economy. This is a free version online course. It covers all the main areas that you need to know about in your Digital Transformation (DT) journey.

Who is this for? Basically, all employees and members that are working in established organizations and firms whether they are profitable or non-profitable organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The learners will be able to differentiate between digitization, digitalization, and automation projects.
  2. The learners will be able to apply a step-by-step proven technique in creating digital products/services whereas a holistic approach is taken across all departments and among all stakeholders.
  3. The learners will be able to identify the areas to be checked for a maximum “Return on Digitalization (ROD)”.
  4. The learners will be able to create a successful go-life of projects and assess all the risks associated with digital projects.
  5. Get more insights about how DT can work hand-in-hand with data security and the best ethical code of conduct.
  6. A glimpse into blockchain uses cases and how it is important in your considerations for any digital projects.
  7. How and why do digital transformation projects fail and how to circumvent the avoidable fate.
  8. The ethical perspectives about being actively seeking digital projects and maximizing returns.
  9. As a by-product of all the above, the learners will be able to expand their perspectives and start thinking about how “Digital Transformation Technologies – DTT” can lay the necessary foundation for finding the right tools for embarking on the next level: “Human Transformation Technologies – HTT”.



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