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Data Structures And Algorithms In Real World – Part 1

Data Structures And Algorithms In Real World - Part 1, Understand Merkle tree By Building A Mini Git In JavaScript.

Algorithms/Data Structures are common topic in any computer science. Mostly students deal with algorithms like Binary Tree, Sorting, Linked list etc. Even though these topics are must, what is missing is understanding data structures and algorithms (like Merkle tree, Consistent hashing, Bloom filter etc) which are in fact used in real world softwares. Many such algorithms are used in our day to day software. Understanding such algorithms are even essential to crack technical interviews. That is the primary reason for building up this course.

In this video series, we are going understand Merkle tree, how it is working by building it from scratch (in JavaScript). We will see how Merkle tree is used in Git by building a very minimal git version from scratch. At the end of this course, we will also see how this algorithm is used in Bitcoin, DynamoDb as well.

This is a series of course, in which each course will teach you a specific algorithm and its uses in real world.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and learn the Data Structures And Algorithms In Real World!

Note: We have picked Javascript as a language to implement the concept in this course, however I believe the same can be achieved in other languages by following the lectures.



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