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Create a Chord Progression on Guitar (Major Key)

Create a Chord Progression on Guitar (Major Key), A fun and well-structured guitar class for beginners. No experience required. Grab your guitar and join me!

Learn how to write chord progressions on guitar (electric or acoustic) in a major key with composer Jason Rivera.

This course features detailed explanations and demonstrations on the guitar. You will learn techniques and concepts that can be applied to writing music in many genres.

The main topics covered in this class are:

1. A review of the main chords in the key of C Major

2. How to play the main chords in the key of C Major on guitar

3. How to label the chords with Roman Numerals

4. A system for writing chord progressions on guitar

5. Guitar strumming variations to use in your chord progressions

For your class project you will write an original chord progression on guitar in C Major, utilizing the techniques we cover in the class, and record it. Your performance and recording don’t have to be perfect—a smartphone demo will work great!

This class is for musicians, songwriters, composers and hobbyists who want to expand their knowledge of how to write music using a guitar.

The course is designed for beginners. It’s helpful if you have some experience playing basic guitar chords, however it’s not required.

Learning how to write chord progressions on guitar deepens your understanding of music and you can build upon what you learn in this class to write your own songs and compositions.

The only equipment you need for this class is a guitar (acoustic or electric) and your ears. *Be sure your guitar is tuned!

I’d love to hear your feedback and I encourage you to leave a review for this class.

If you want to continue your music education, I have other courses available here on Udemy. I invite you to check out my other classes which you can find on my profile page.




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