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Learn Guitar in 30 Days: Free Crash Course for Beginners

Learn Guitar in 30 Days: Free Crash Course for Beginners, If you are an absolute beginner then learn how to play any guitar in a simplest way possible!

Have you guys just bought a guitar and want to make guitar playing your hobby? and are you looking for someone who can teach you guitar in the simplest manner? Then you have come to the right place. My name is NK and I have been playing guitar for the last 10 years. And I have made this brand new course for the absolute beginners who wish to learn guitar.

The online lectures you find on youtube are good but they lack a proper structure which is very essential to learn any instrument. But this course is formed in such a way that you will get that proper start, middle, and finish to start your musical journey. Starting from the very basics of holding your guitar I will be covering topics like how to play major and minor scales, guitar chords, strumming patterns with relations to the music theory explained in layman’s terms. Also for each topic covered in the course is provided with the support material which you can download. So in the end you won’t be just playing the guitar you will know what you are playing. Because this foundation is very essential for learning any instrument and In this course, I will make sure that your basics In the music are clear. It will help you to become the guitarist you dream to be.

Overview of the content
HD Videos provided with relevant pdf material. The total length of the course is just 2 hours! All the lectures are divided into 5 sections in which you will progress step by step!

1. Introduction to your Guitar

2. Rudiments of the Music-Part 1 (Intro to music theory and scales)

3. Rudiments of the Music-Part 2 (Chromatic scale, major and minor scales)

4. Guitar strumming and intro to chords

5. Chord theory along with bar chords

For each section, I have provided a certain time which you should dedicate for that section (for the exercise part) in order to build the proper strength in your fingers.



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