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A concise and very clear guide to start oil painting

A concise and very clear guide to start oil painting, Learn oil painting in an easy manner for free !

You’ve always dreamed to create art masterpieces and you have not a single clue how to create such an artwork ?
You feel like you are stuck, and you don’t know how you could make more progresses ?

This is a complete painting video guide that focusses on realism :

  • to start oil painting step by step the easiest way possible
  • to take your current paintings to the next level
  • to learn easy techniques that will help you to progress and fully express your artistic potential
  • to become an expert in mixing colors
  • You’ll discover all the necessary materials, and I will share with you the interest of each art supply
  • You’ll learn the color theory and you’ll learn how to easily mix any colors

My method : pragmatism
My watchword is to make complex concepts and techniques easy.

My method is for everybody : for those who have never held a pencil in their hands as well as for the artists who want to take their artwork to the next level.

My method is straightforward and can be applied to any painting. Every idea and notion are illustrated in a concise, easy and obvious way.

My secret ?

Using the right techniques, then working, practicing, progressing and then doing this again! So don’t wait and benefit from the experience of an artist who has made it without attending an art school !



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