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Work Life Harmony For Freelancers Course (2023 Version)

Work Life Harmony For Freelancers Course (2023 Version), A fast track for freelancers to spend more time doing what you love by getting your work done faster.

Why is it so hard to find work life balance?

That’s easy!

Because life isn’t about balance.

Hear me out…

What happens when we ‘think’ we’ve found balance?

It lasts a little while, sure.

But when something goes wrong or we get knocked ‘off balance’, things all come tumbling down.

So what’s the alternative?

In order to get your life in that perfect place, you need to find harmony.

This means understanding how you can free up more time to do the things you love.

In this course, I’ll guide you through the lessons that helped me to optimise my time and find the perfect harmony between my personal life and career.

Now that doesn’t mean things don’t go wrong.

But when they do, you have a solid and harmonious infrastructure to keep you steady and every element of your personal and professional life together.

Learn how to:

  • Start the day perfectly, set yourself up for success.
  • Overcome overwhelm and use it positively.
  • Plan your day to get the most done in less time.
  • Use the science of using caffeine properly to maximise productivity.
  • Empty your mind and find clarity, anytime and anywhere.
  • Use energy cycles to structure your day perfectly.
  • Set big goals in a way they are easier to accomplish.
  • The power of time blocking and batching.
  • The importance of breaks and recovery, using the 90 / 30 Rule.
  • Quit social media effortlessly.
  • Harness the power of focus.
  • Use Parkinson’s Law to optimise your energy and time.
  • Get the best quality sleep of your life.

Think of this as a blueprint to life.

Very possibly the only blueprint to life you’ll ever need.

Enjoy the course. We loved developing it for you.



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