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Wireless Network

Wireless Network, Different variants of wireless network.

Course Wireless network encompass basic possible information requirements about wireless network. As with the modern trends there is high necessity to access the resources ubiquitously without imposing extra burden on deployed infrastructure. Hence, it is necessary to learn and understand the available possible options of connectivity. With the awareness of these growing technology user will be able to integrate and communicate the monitored event over a long distance. So, this course is presented with the objectives to clear the concept of basic communication network and its various flavors with constraints. At the end of this course students or learners are very much sure about the constraints and possible supported applications by various wireless technology. As i assure that all of those getting some basics of wireless LAN, BLUETTOTHS, RFID, WIMAX and some great details of satellite mobile communication with variants comparisons. In all these subsections learns can monitor, I tried to provide the details of frequency band, applications, advantages and disadvantages with great details. With this basis, learners will definitely analyze and apply learned information for next generation technology. In future, I tried to present the another course with reference to this wireless network and possibly the information of computer networking with implementation open source tools.



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