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SAP Standard object Enhancement using different methods

learn sap abap enhancement using badi, customer exit, implicit enhancement, screen enhancement, BTE, Class and FM.

When A company do the implementation of SAP system either ECC or S4HANA , all the components are know as SAP Standard Objects, like Standard programs, tables, search help, screen, reports etc. And do meet the business requirements, sometimes we need to add additional features to standard object using the concept called as SAP ABAP enhancement.

The requirements will differ client to client, like

Adding custom fields to the standard tables.

Add additional validation in the program.

Add custom fields on the screen.

Add custom columns in the existing sap standard report.

All this requirement we can achieve with the help of enhancement technique.

There are different ways like user exit, customer exit, badi, BTE etc.


In this course , student can learn, How to do sap abap enhancement using BADI ,customer exit and implicit enhancement.

Badi implementation shown with multiple use, single use and also filter badi for :

screen enhancement

data validation

setting default values on screen for material master

Material master screen enhancement with SPRO + ABAP without badi

Customer Exit :

Function Module exit and Menu exit.

Implicit enhancement.

Enhancement to sap standard function module.

Enhancement in sap standard class to assign the custom folder to save the alv files.

Adding custom fields in FBL5N using ABAP data dictionary enhancement and by implementing BTE



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