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REVERSE CAUSE & EFFECT: The Secret to Making Scripts Work

REVERSE CAUSE & EFFECT: The Secret to Making Scripts Work, Screenplay plot construction and story development tool that turns your meandering story into riveting dramatic action.

This is one of the top-rated scriptwriting tools in Hollywood. By constructing your story backwards, you stitch together a tight sequence of cause and effect which gives you the spine of your story. It separates the Necessary from the Unnecessary which is a crucial skill for a scriptwriter because the Unnecessary bogs down scripts and kills them. It gives you an objective look at what you’ve created so far, not easy when you’re immersed in a story. It helps you fill logic holes in your story as you chain backwards through its cause and effect. And it allows you to gradually develop the story’s detail as it become necessary, freeing you from the profusion of unnecessary detail that’s always threatening to flood in. Reverse Cause and Effect is a daily workhorse of plot construction and story development that enables you to help dramatize your story as you build an increasingly-detailed outline, starting with the overall story, then down to the act level, the sequence level, and the scene level which enables you to write each scene. By constantly separating the Necessary from the Unnecessary, you assemble your story from only that which is Necessary, while constantly excluding that which is Unnecessary. In this way you get a tight forward flow to your story which is central to making a script work. To deepen your training you can get my free 23 page eBook on Reverse Cause and Effect at my website



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