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OBS Master – Complete Guid to Open Broadcaster Software

OBS Master - Complete Guid to Open Broadcaster Software, OBS - Open Broadcaster : Able to Record Screen or live Stream, Usage of all Software options and features.

Welcome to  OBS Master – Complete Guid to Open Broadcaster Software.  You know OBS is one of the best and freeware software for recording the screen and go live on many social media and many streaming plateform. This is why if you don’t know how to create use it here is my full course for you.

OBS Master Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Scenes
  • Resourses
  • Audio Mixing
  • Controls
  • Settings

Course Description

This is the course which I have created for many students who want to learn all the features and options of OBS open broadcaster software.This software which is specially design and created for those who want to record the screen with multiple scenes and sources. just like you can add images while recording you can type text while recording the screen you can also use to capture devices display like you can whatever on the screen you can Capture Device. You can also capture the media sources and each and everything I have explained in my course.

dear student as you know that the obvious is a freeware tool and with elegant features okay if you want to go live just like you want to go on many social streaming platform then you don’t know how to do this and this is complete guided for this particular purpose ok I also explain that if you are confuse to don’t know how to record the screen professional than. I am here with full confidence and full use of all the features and options which will work for you to make your problem easy. It’s free to use. In this course I explain how you can download it and how you use it.


I am fully sure that this course will definitely help you to make your work super easy with the help of an obvious tool. Okay and I hope you can love a lot my teaching and my knowledge which I have shared with you with real time example and real time options and features of obs good luck.



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