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Mastering AED: A Life-Saving Essential

Mastering AED: A Life-Saving Essential, Learn AED! Created by board-certified physicians and adheres to the latest ILCOR Standards and Guidelines.

AED stands for “Automated External Defibrillator.” It is a portable medical device used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by delivering an electric shock to the heart to restore its normal rhythm. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart’s electrical system malfunctions, causing it to beat irregularly or stop altogether. This can be a life-threatening condition.

AEDs are designed to be easy to use by individuals with minimal medical training. They typically come with visual and audio instructions to guide the user through the process. When someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest, bystanders or trained individuals can use an AED to assess the person’s heart rhythm and, if necessary, deliver a controlled electric shock to the heart. This shock, known as defibrillation, can help restore the heart’s normal rhythm and increase the chances of survival.

AEDs are commonly found in public places such as airports, schools, sports facilities, and other areas where people gather. The widespread availability of AEDs has contributed to improved outcomes for individuals experiencing cardiac arrest, as prompt defibrillation can be crucial in saving lives.

The course package includes:

  • An AED and additional learning about CPR and choking presentation.
  • CPR, AED, & FirstĀ Aid Provider Handbook

NOTE – This course is for training in AED.



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