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LEVEL 1 MODULE: BECOME A WEALTH MAGNET FOR LIFE: PART 4 OF 5, Understanding wealth flow & resistance, Receiving wealth & success, Money EQ Income Statement, Money Pedestal, Chord cut.

This is our amazing Part 2 of the 5 Part money intensive into wealth creation. This course goes in even deeper.

PART 4: This 5 part wealth series builds up into PART 4 where you are now ready to further shed deeper limitations around money. Thus entraining your brain to cement more firmly the much needed success and abundance neural programs. The foundation was established in PART 1. Congrats! You then flowed into identification of more limitations in PARTS 2 & 3. The release thereof was contained in all the exercises to permanently delete these limiting money patterns and replace it with an abundance mindset. You are now ready for PART 4 where we tackle the following:

  • Wealth Flow and money resistance
  • How to receive Wealth and Success [How not to repel it]
  • Money EQ Income Statement explained and your personal customised income statement
  • Identifying Money Pedestal Pitfalls and Behaviours that drain your wealth. Replacing it with new empowering neural tracks
  • Chord cutting and feeing yourself from the chains of your money limitations


PART 1 of the series set the valuable foundation needed to break down your internal resistance that has been in place for decades when it comes to money and generational wealth creation. Part 1 has been carefully designed to slowly but definitively do this and to help you prove to yourself how you can overcome your limiting mindset around money. It is deliberately designed to prepare you for Part 2. Warning: If you jump ahead to the other parts, you will simply not gain the evidence needed to see those changes in your real life. It will also not make sense as some concepts and terms and processes  are explained in the various Parts at certain times to help build a stronger You. One that is able to withstand the changes you will be putting in place that will forever alter your neural tracks and reprogram your subconscious mind on money and wealth. This is what is going to change your life Рliterally. The new You. However it needs a stable foundation if it is to stand any change of success, especially since it has been programmed incorrectly since your childhood.

PART 2 : This course Part 2 builds on Part 1 and deep dives into the following concepts:

  • What it means to be an Undercover Billionaire
  • The Law of Balance
  • Leaning how to not weaponize your money truth
  • Re-establishing and reframing your love for money
  • Redefining your personal strengths, building up to your money and wealth hutzpah
  • Imagination Super Power. Learning the craft of visualising wealth creation. Building your scenes. Do’s and don’ts. Trigger words.
  • How to actually “Live in the End”. Inner powerful phrases to use when re-enacting your wealth scenes.
  • When and how to correctly to let go of a scene.
  • Using your 5 senses vs your 6 senses in your scenes.
  • Law of Attraction success stories. Famous persons that employ visualisations.
  • Personal Money Drains, Addictions & Blocked Energy. Learning the effects of addictions on your wealth.
  • Personal Money Triggers. Defining and understanding your limitation (poverty/lack) triggers and where they come from
  • Developing your Money Drain Diary by day / week. Putting a number to your addictions.
  • Clearing your physical and non-physical space.
  • Visually mapping and charting out your money drains, addictions and triggers
  • Money Boundaries
  • Understanding the value of money metrics
  • How to say No from the seat of your Internal Power

PART 3: If you’ve made it to Part 3 then a HUGE congrats! The 1st 2 parts where quite intense. But now you can see the method in the madness – the reason why it is done so sequentially. There is just way top much ‘stuff’ that has been built up over time within you that we need to properly address and tackle and finally get to delete those limiting subconscious programs that have taken over you and have been driving you so far. You have been doing your daily and lifetime exercises from Parts 1&2 and are ready to unpack even more – as well as forge a clear path ahead for wealth creation.

Part 3 unpacked the following:

  • Money Patterns
  • Overcoming fear and money shame
  • Living Your goals vs others
  • Good pressure vs negative pressure
  • The Law of Diminishing Intent
  • Money clearing and crafting your wealth contract
  • Chord cutting limiting money ties



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