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Fundamentals of Sensor Interfacing

Fundamentals of Sensor Interfacing, Study of analog and digital signal conditioning circuits, Data acquisition systems softwares and hardware, applications.

Course information : Course covers basic fundamentals require for sensor interfacing and circuit design, also provides guidelines for circuit design with examples, modules including video lectures, articles, talking head slides and pre and post quizzes after every module.

Module 1 : Basic techniques of signal conditioning, Principles of Analog signal conditioning : signal level & bias changes, Linearization, Conversions, Signal transmission and digital interface, Filtering & Impedance matching, Concept of loading with examples, Passive circuits : Divider circuits, Bridge circuits e.g. Wheatstone bridge, Current balance bridge, Lead compensation, Bridge applications, RC filters – Low pass RC filters, Design methods, High pass RC filters, practical considerations, OPAMP circuits in instrumentation, Common types of analog signal conditioning, Guidelines for analog signal conditioning system : e.g. Defining measurement objective, Selecting a sensor, Design analog signal conditioning, Notes on analog signal conditioning design.

Module 2 : Introduction, Review digital fundamentals, Principles of digital signal processing, Converters: comparator(Open collector and hysteresis comparators), Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) and Analog to digital converters (ADC), ADC and DAC characteristics, ADC and DAC structure, Types of ADC, conversion time consequences, Frequency based converters : Sensor to frequency conversion, Data acquisition systems : DAS hardware, DAS software, ADC, DAC, Sample and hold circuits, Multiplexer, Decoder, Characteristics of digital data, digitized value, sampled data systems, applications.

Conclusion : Concluding remarks for the course, at the end post learning quiz and having bonus lecture on simulating software



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