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Features of Object oriented Programming language

Features of Object oriented Programming language, Major features of OOP.

Nowadays, Object oriented Programming (OOP) languages are popularly used for software development. OOP languages include C++, Java. OOP languages are very helpful to handle the larger databases with all the data security and data abstraction as well as data hiding. Code becomes very easy to handle as well as to debug. The length of a program reduces. Reusability code is one more required feature for software development which helps to reduce the length of the program. The programmer may change the platform easily. Very few changes are required to change the platform. Java is platform independent language which is used for development of web based applications, mobile apps, games, etc. Function overloading, overriding, operator overloading gives another good flavour to programming. All other basic features which are available in C can also be used in the same manner in these languages.

In this course, major features of Object Oriented Programming Language are discussed with implementation codes for few features. C++ language is majorly considered for implementation and description. Data security and data abstraction are useful features along with the major feature as an inheritance. After the completion of this short course, students will be confident to build the preliminary programs on their own.



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