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Ethical Hacking: Hacker Methodology

Ethical Hacking: Hacker Methodology, Learn the Hacker Methodology.

Hacking is the art of being one step ahead of the enemy by learning how he thinks and how his systems work. Hackers believe that they can beat the system. The hacker follows a strict methodology in order not to forget anything important.

In this course you will learn the hacker methodology. These are the steps any professional hacker uses, regardless of what system they are attacking.

This is a beginners course and you don’t need any prior knowledge about hacking. You will learn all the steps done by hackers. You will also learn how those hacks work in practice using demo labs. While there is a lot more about hacking, this course will give you some clarity about how the process works.

If you are totally new to hacking, this course is for you. You will learn about the steps involved when you want to hack systems or prevent your systems from being hacked. You don’t need any prior knowledge when starting this course, but I recommend you to have a Kali Linux system at hand. Either Live USB or inside Virtual box. Some Linux knowledge can help, but is not strictly required.

By the end of this course, you’ll know all the steps a hacker takes to break into a system. You’ll understand what they’ll do after gaining access to a system and you should be able to carry out some small hacks.



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