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Cyber Security Training for Maritime Employees

Cyber Security Training for Maritime Employees, Cyber Security and Phishing.

Cybersecurity has become one of the most important aspects of most organizations. As new technology is invented and interconnectivity increases, cyber criminals all over the world are creating innovative ways to cause damage to their targets. These attacks can have devastating impacts on individuals and organizations depending on the motivation of the attacker(s) and type of attack. It is now estimated that cybercrime will have global costs of around $10.5 trillion by 2025.

The maritime industry has been an increasing target of cybercrime over the last decade. In fact, over the last three years attacks have increased by an alarming 900%. Data loss and financial damage are two serious impacts of attacks on the industry but there is also the possibility of physical and environmental damage as well as loss of human life.

Given the high frequency and impact of attacks, organizations spend millions on the prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks. Many of these attacks stem from phishing and social engineering techniques so it is crucial that all employees within an organization are aware of these attacks and know how to help prevent them. This course aims to:

– Highlight the basics and importance of cybersecurity in Maritime

– Help employees to spot common attacks such as phishing emails

– Provide techniques on how to use technology securely



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