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CISSP Domain 1 Practice Questions

CISSP Domain 1 Practice Questions, Sample questions from the WannaPractice App.

10 practice questions from the WannaPractice app. With narration and explanations by Ben Malisow.

Questions pertain to Domain 1 of the CISSP Exam Outline, current as of date of publication.

If you’re looking to hone your test-taking expertise, this video can help. Each question is presented for your review, then the narration explains how to approach the question, and the best methods for determining the correct answer. The answers are then presented, and a review of the rationale for the correct answer is shared.

This video offers an excellent preview of the content and interface of the WannaPractice app.

All questions have been created by Ben Malisow, author of the official ISC2 practice questions for CCSP and CC certifications, as well as technical editor of the official practice questions for CISSP.

For more information about the app, visit the WannaPractice website, or WannaBeACISSP.

The most concise and affordable way to study for the information security certification exam of your choosing.

WannaPractice — success and certification is in your hands.

Relax. Good luck. Do great.

All content is the property of Ben Malisow, WannaPractice, and iCompaas. All rights reserved. No reproduction or external use is allowed without the express written permission of the owners.



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