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Business Fundamentals : The Leadership Program

Business Fundamentals : The Leadership Program, Leadership - you lead, others follow.

So, you want to get ahead in 2023…and stay ahead? Then you need to know about leadership trends and be able to remember them, expand on them, apply them by remembering a key word, a key phrase or…a cartoon?

This short course deals with leadership trends for this year (2023), summarises them and then a cartoon especially drawn for this course by award-winning Pepe (co-instructor) is shown. Freeze the frame. Print it out and stick it on the fridge so every morning you see these key leadership trends.

Trends such as:

1. Storytellers with a vision

2. Leaders aligning with mission statement, values, and purpose, and leading from the front.

3. Planners for the future – retaining workers as they look forward to working for you

4. Wellbeing-oriented. Employee-centric. Nurturing employees, little by little…to maximise output.

5. No ‘I’ in team…take it from there

6. A tactician, knowing how to beat off competition, keep employees and deliver what is required at work and to the customer

7. An innovator in systems and products, services and customer satisfaction

8. Delegating, empowering and equipping workers with the tools for the job.

9. No-one lives for ever. A leader will plan for his/her succession

10. Supporting causes for the benefit of all

So, each lecture is a brief description and some analysis of a trend and this is summarised by the cartoon. Throughout the course you are encouraged to think and apply the lectures to your working life – and to give feedback and add to discussions.



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