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Basic IP address (IPV4) Course

Basic IP address (IPV4) Course, IP Address (IPV4) Class for Network Engineer.

This is a short course covering the very basics of IP addressing. This being a course for beginners, I have covered all the fundamental IP address  (IPV4) topics in this. This will clear your doubts and prepare you for any advanced topics in networking.

This course gives a comprehensive introduction to IP addressing.

This course teaches you to know the various classes of IP address

This course teaches you to be able to use any class of IP address in Networking Labs

In This Course we teach how we can assign IP address to Machines Like window  and Linux..

In this Course we attached some notes also so you can have some notes on this topics.

If  you have any question you can reach to us we will try to assist you in this.

This course also teaches how to configure IP addresses on the Linux system.

Let me give you some IP address Introduction here so you will have idea about that.

IP (Internet Protocol):

IP Addresses are divided into 5 Classes, These are divided by IANA: – Internet Assigned Number authority.

We are using two type of version

· IPV4

· IPV6

So let start first discussing IP V4.

· IP uses packets called IP packets to carry information. Every IP packet should have address.

· The IP address (IPV4) is 32 bit and consists of 2 parts, the network part and the host part.

The IP address is 32 bit but we write it into 4 block of 8 bit as given above.

IP Addresses are divided into 5 Classes, There are divided by IANA:- Internet Assigned Number Authority.

Class A 1-126

Class B 128-191

Class C 192-223

Class D 224-239 – Multicast

Class E 240-255 – Reserved

So we are only using Class A,B & C IP address

Subnet Mask: It’s an address used to identify the network and host portion of the IP address

Class A N.H.H.H /8

Class B N.N.H.H /16

Class C N.N.N.H /24



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