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An Overview of Electric Vehicle & Policies

An Overview of Electric Vehicle & Policies, Beginner Course.

Car’s play an undeniable role in the global warming crisis. The Union of Concerned Scientists reports that cars account for about 20% of all carbon emissions. Fortunately, new generations of vehicles are helping slow the onset of climate change.The automobile industry has been buzzing with new advancements, innovations, and trends lately. The mention of electric vehicles, which only used to make a few heads turn till about a few years back, is gradually catching the attention of a growing population. One of the best ways to save the environment is to switch to an electric vehicle.

Innovations in the Electric Vehicles types space would continue to take place and we expect the policy environment to become more favorable over the years. It is all wait and watch period. Even its seen to focus on a new era for Electric Vehicles.

This course is the stepping course to start from scratch. It includes¬†small particulars you need to know about Electric Vehicles’s types, Batteries & Battery Management System, Charging along various stations and Levels information &¬†some policies. Definitely, government intervention and policy have a key role to play in promoting electric mobility in the country.

This course will help you to start an initial step towards the changing trend of the Automobile sector. There are a lot of ways that you can do your part to fight climate change.

So , looking forward to See you at the course !!!!



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