Jack Bosma: Introductions With Excellence

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Jack Bosma: Introductions With Excellence, Introduce With Impact.

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Easy Introductions Please take some time and let’s focus together on efficiently and effectively, practicing and providing personal and professional introduction content using the “Five Finger” method that I have developed to assist us in delivering this content in an organized manner. 1. Hello, Your name, 2. What you do, 3. Add skills and why you like doing it, 4. Your name again for emphasis and enabling others to remember us and 5. Nice to meet you. I have realized a long time ago that personal and professional introductions form the foundation of all subsequent conversations that we have with individuals and groups after the initial meeting. I have coordinated and attended many meetings in person and by using numerous social media platforms. I am convinced that more emphasis must be placed on preparing, practicing, and presenting our personal and professional introductions. Let’s eliminate the difficulties and stresses associated with making introductions and focus on the development of long-lasting friendships and relationships. Please enjoy our content and continually practice with it. Let’s perfect and constantly focus on improving the skills that are needed when communicating in introductory situations. Personal and professional pride will be obtained as a result. Thank you very much.

I am an experienced curriculum developer and designer. Trained and developed collaborative relationships with global learning team members. A positive, enthusiastic, and competent Career Counselor and Content Creator. Educated in a diverse range of skills, qualities, and attributes. An experienced professional at building and maintaining international collaborative relationships. Skilled at leading, coaching, resume preparation, interviewing, job search strategies, and supporting clients using interactive skills with listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Trained in the delivery of overall training program administration and ongoing coaching program content to individuals, groups, companies, and organizations to continuously improve content creator competencies. Perform administrative tasks to support these activities. Collaborate with individuals, groups, companies, and organizations in the development and presentation of course audio, text, and video content for growing audiences daily.

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Jack Bosma: Introductions With Excellence
Jack Bosma: Introductions With Excellence
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