Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4

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Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4, Complete guide to build enterprise edition application end to end.

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Course Description

This course is second edition of building Creating .Net Core Microservices using Clean Architecture. In this course you will learn how to implement Identity Server 4. You will also learn how to secure your microservices using Identity Server 4. You will learn how to implement different kinds of security principles at different levels of microservices. By the end of this course you’ll be comfortable implementing best practices security techniques in microservices architectures. In this course you will first start with Identity server 4 template setup. Then you will be setting up different test users, scopes, resources to work with. After that, you will be setting up multiple clients for testing different scenarios with and without gateway. You will also setup scope level authorization and policy to handle it at middleware level. Apart from that, you will be learning different types of grants and flows which can be utilized at the microservice level. Other parts include

1. Getting Started with Microservices using Clean Architecture

2. Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4 (Current Course)

3. Implementing Cross Cutting Concerns

4. Versioning Microservices

5. Building Angular Application for MicroServices

6. Deploying Microservices to Kubernetes and AKS

IDE Required:- You can either use Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider, or VS Code itself.

In this edition you will learn below topics:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Architecture Overview
  • Branching Strategy
  • Securing Catalog and Basket Microservice
  • Installing Identity Server Templates
  • Identity Server project creation
  • Adding Test User
  • Modifying Identity Config
  • Adding Bearer Token in Catalog
  • Open Id Flow
  • Securing Catalog Microservice
  • Implementing Authorize Filter
  • Machine To Machine Flow for Catalog API
  • Accessing catalog API using JWT Token
  • Securing Basket Microservice
  • Create Basket giving 401 Issue
  • Fixing Basket Issue
  • Securing Service to Service Communication
  • Creating Multiple Clients
  • Scope Level Authorization
  • Setting up Gateway Project
  • Scope Access Flow
  • Issue with Gateway Client
  • Fixing Gateway Issue
  • Issue with Create Basket
  • Fixing HTTPS Issue with Create Basket
  • Setting up Nginx Gateway
  • Nginx Template Creation
  • Docker Compose Changes
  • Startup changes in Identity Server
  • Issue with Nginx Setup
  • Nginx Bad Gateway Issue
  • Host file changes
  • Generate Cert
  • Installing Pfx
  • Modified Nginx Conf and Docker file
  • Certificate not getting trusted in Key Chain
  • Certificate Validated in Key Chain
  • More Docker Changes
  • More Startup Changes
  • Swagger Demo and Exercise
  • Whats Next
  • What’s Next

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Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4
Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4
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