Python For Kids – 30 Minutes Course!

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Python For Kids – 30 Minutes Course!, Learn the fundamentals of Python using this hands on comprehensive python course.

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Course Description

it’s simple, start with Python because it is easy to learn and powerful enough to build a web application and automate the boring stuff

Actually, a couple of years back, scripting was the main reason for learning Python, and that was also the first and foremost reason I was attracted to Python and preferred it over Perl, another popular scripting language of that time.

For experienced programmers or someone who already know Ruby, Java, or JavaScript, learning Python means acquiring a new and powerful tool in your arsenal and I have yet to come up with a programmer who says no to a tool, and that’s the right way to look when you learn a new programming language. Python gives you the ability to automate trivial stuff and lets you focus on more exciting and useful things.

Are you looking for a perfect all-in-one basics bundled python programming course? With not just tutorials but also example walkthroughs, this bootcamp offers a seamless collection of videos taking you through the basics of Python with programs to work with as examples. In this course you will learn the basics of Python completely from scratch!

This course is designed to provide you with a basic introduction of Python and get Python setup and running on your computer ASAP. You will be slowly be building your own scripts as you learn more along the way throughout this course!

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Python For Kids – 30 Minutes Course!
Python For Kids – 30 Minutes Course!
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